Late Night Brigade

Items to Sell

Chad was nice enough to jot down the list of items being sold. Please make sure the list is complete.

He-Man shield +3, 100% chance to negate critical hits.

+3 defiant longsword

+3 keen lifesurge sword (not sure what type of sword).

+2 negating spirit blade

Heartseeking gloom blade(I don’t have the enchantment bonus listed)

Druids friend: This is a special wood elf dagger. I have it listed as +2 neutralizing with various other bonuses

Masterwork flaming shortsword

+3 Sylvan Scimitar

+2 dragonhide shield

We already sold the Cat skin leather for 9,000 gold.


I am going to let you guys keep up the Adventure log. I don’t think you guys even use the site.

And I thought they smelled bad...
on the outside.

The group emerges with an addition, Trem, a local barbarian. Of course a fair amount of hostility is displayed when these two groups who have hated each other for centuries. Surprisingly J’Arhin is the voice of diplomacy and reason. Grush is willing to trade a weeks supply for the staff they found in the dungeon. The group seeing that this is a lopsided deal negotiates. They settle on trial by combat. The three of them versus three elite guard. The match begins well for the team when all the guard miss with their crossbows and the team closes in. Unfortunately for the group, these are not the young orcs they have been facing. These orcs make short work of the party. (OOC: Drek you ALMOST killed one!) Trem who has kept his rage more or less in check offers to supply the group if they come with him to his tribe. They decline and decide to head south for civilization.

Dungeon Crawl

The session was entirely contained in the exploration of the dungeon. A few orcs were dealt with, John proved he can’t have nice things by breaking his sword, and Drek proved he is the half man by keeping the party more or less on their feet.

Guess who's comming to dinner

The excitement fades from the crowd and trophies and coin is exchanged among the orcs. Our group looks around expecting to have their weapons taken from them. The Elite Guard forms on either side of them, and the Chief comes down and congratulates them. They are escorted to the chiefs home, and given a lavish dinner. There Grush , the Chief, explains that he is trying to uplift his people by any means necessary. He tells them that if they defeat the orcs that are going to be in the dungeon they will be free to go. Also Drek is told that he is no longer considered part of the tribe, and is no longer welcome to return. Also in the dungeon will be the orc who helped capture J’arhin and has part of his armor. The session ends while inside the dungeon itself.

Meet n' Greet!
Meat n' Great?

Our heroes find themselves waking, stiff and sore in a cage, surrounded by orcs, really not the best way to start a day. Bruised and battered from their ordeals the heroes slowly collect their wits, introduce themselves and warm themselves over the fire. Bets are furiously exchanged through out the orc encampment outside their cage as the orcs eye up their new sport. Some hard bread and milk are given to the newly wakend group. Then when they are told they will be fighting soon they are also given water and wine. In an act of generosity the group decides to give the water to the captives that have not woken up yet. What’s that? I didn’t mention the other captives? Oh. Well this isn’t their story so shutup and listen! Good. The three of them work well enough together to kill twice their number. Not bad for the new blood, eh? Well this is where we leave the story for this week. Don’t worry I’ll pick up the tale next time.

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